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Truck Details
Owner Entered Information:
1990 GMC Syclone
Vin4: 9664
Vin: 1GTCT14Z7M2509664
Factory Color: Other
Current Color: Grey Metalic
Conversion: Other
Build Date:
CD Player: No
Owner: John Koss - Lake Orion MI USA
Build Sheet Information:
Date on folder: (appears to be ship date)
Number on folder: (no idea what this number is)
Date on engine test results:
Date on Inspection Sheet:
Prop Shaft:
Transfer Case:
Engine Sequence:
Document Date (It appears this was a check list document):
Sticker on the above document (ECM number):
Engineering Sheet Date:
Body Inspection Sheet Date:
Vehicle Receive Report Date:
Vehicle Receive Report Item #: (We have no idea what this number is for)
Color according to Vehicle Receive Report:
Vehicle Shipping Report Date:
1-2 Shift (RPM):
2-3 Shift (RPM):
Vehicle Shipping Report 3#: (We have no idea what this number is for)
GM Build Log:
Build Date:
GM Final Ship:
Ship Date:
Order Number:
Charge to Dealer:
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Transaction Details
1991-00-00 Other  45  John Koss - Lake Orion MI USAThis truck is Prototype #022 "Manufacturing Buck " It was the first Syclone vehicle to go down the assembly line in Sheveport.Again & again ! This truck was built at Triad by Scott Bores & Glenn Oberg to teach the Sheveport assembly plant personnel how to build the Syclone.We would disassembly the truck, lay all the parts at their assembly points on the lineside and have the operators assemble the truck. Then we would disassemble the truck and do it again. All total it was assembled 5 time on the day shift & 5 times on the afternoon shift. This truck has never been driven. It still has the 45 miles on it that it came into Triad with. After returning to Triad the truck disassembled to a rolling chassis was sold to Schram Auto Parts. When they dicovered that it had been drilled for cladding they called Mike Pocobello Sr. to return the vehicle. Mike came to me, knowing I was working with the Schram brothers on liquidating stock engines & transmissions.He told me Triad didn't want it back & to make some kind of a deal with them. Told them the story and they told me they didn't want it. I suggested that seeing how Triad couldn't sell a prototype truck to an employee and that they owned the truck why don't they sell it to me. They agreed and I bought the truck for the same $1500.they had paid Triad.After tranfering from Triad to PAS I started gethering up the parts I needed to reassemble the truck back to it's Manufaacturing Buck status. I was called back to PAS to liquidate their stock in 1994. I worked for Parts.I now have almost all I need to assemble it. I would like to get ahold of Jim Stokes to go through the Reject Powertrain Module I have and get started. 
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