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Truck Details
Owner Entered Information:
1991 GMC Syclone
Vin4: 1273
Vin: 1GDCT14Z9M8801273
Factory Color: Midnight Black/Matte Black (91 Sy)
Current Color: Midnight Black/Matte Black (91 Sy)
Build Date: 1991-12-00
CD Player: Yes
Pictures: Click Here
Owner: Craig Weaver - Stockbridge GA USA
Build Sheet Information:
Date on folder: (appears to be ship date)
Number on folder: (no idea what this number is)
Date on engine test results:
Date on Inspection Sheet: 1991-04-03
Prop Shaft: 101181
Engine: W910520373
Transmission: MY06585667
Transfer Case: C007908
Engine Sequence: 1334
Document Date (It appears this was a check list document): 1991-04-03
Sticker on the above document (ECM number): 100723
Engineering Sheet Date: 1991-03-26
Body Inspection Sheet Date:
Vehicle Receive Report Date: 1991-04-01
Vehicle Receive Report Item #: (We have no idea what this number is for)
Color according to Vehicle Receive Report:
Vehicle Shipping Report Date: 1991-04-18
1-2 Shift (RPM):
2-3 Shift (RPM):
Vehicle Shipping Report 3#: 55199 (We have no idea what this number is for)
GM Build Log:
Build Date:
GM Final Ship:
Ship Date: 1991-04-18
ECM: 100723
Order Number:
Charge to Dealer:
Ship to Dealer:


Transaction Details
0000-00-00 Other  11000  Dan Berto - WA USAWashington State 
0000-00-00 Other  58723  Lee Mills - Blaine WA USAMoved from Blaine, Wa to McCormick, SC 
2007-09-18 Buy  14635  Lee Mills - Blaine WA USA 
2011-05-16 Modification  Lee Mills - Blaine WA USAThe truck has just a few modifications, but is pretty close to stock. The mods are: (1) All of the standard reliability mods, i.e. re-route of IC lines, IC pump on continuously, 160 deg thermo, etc. (2) Ruff Racing Wheels (3) ATR cold air box (4) 50# injectors (5) Walbro 255 external in-line fuel pump (6) AFPR (7) Manual Boost Controller (8) Custom Chip by Phil Long (9) 3 Gage Pod (Fuel Press, Boost/Vac, A/F Mix) 
2022-08-17 Buy  64860  Craig Weaver - Stockbridge GA USAForged motor/ported heads/cam distributorless igntion, 60-1 turbo. 
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