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The truck has PAS 001 on the side windows and the front of the rear-view mirror. Interior:[list] [*]Console is yellow, made out of a prototyping plastic. [*]It does have the Syclone seats. But that is the only place (except for the intake) that it says Syclone. [*]The interior carpeting is still the 4x4 carpet, with the hole in the carpet for the 4x4 shifter. [*]It does not have the Sunbird Turbo dash, instead it has some other pontiac dash. [*]It has a turbo gauge, tach, 140mph speedo, and all the other things.[/list] Engine: [list][*]The engine is basically that of a stock Syclone, with a few exceptions. [*]The cam is slightly larger, the pistons are from a turbo 350, and the Turbo is a garret, instead of mitsu. [*]The intercooler is all custom, built by garret. [*]The ECM sits in the glove box, and is entirely custom. [list][*]It can be reprogrammed on the fly, using a laptop computer. [*]The chip stores "defaults" and can be replaced.[/list][/list] The engine has been modified from PAS from it's original form. It is believed that the intake, turbo, and intercooler have been replaced with semi-'stock' parts. The originals are in Marty's hands, or so we think. Exterior: [list][*]The vehicle does not have any ground effects and has S-15 steel bumpers. [*]There is a est 350lb weight welded to the rear bumper to keep the rear end down while pulling a Towing Dyno. [*]In the bed of the truck there is a gas cooler box. This cools the gas using NOS.[/list] Drivetrain: [list][*]The transfer case came out of the AWD Astro Van, the Front prop shaft was developed at GKN in Auburn Hills, Michigan. [*]The front differential is not that of a bravada, it is a normal 4x4 diff, that has had the shift mechanisms removed.[/list] We believe this truck was donated to a church group, which then raffled the truck off.